While www.speedtest.net is not always the most reliable service to test your internet line speed, you should always get almost full speed if you test to a local sever in your area.
Remember to unplug all other devices while testing the speed, as other devices can influence the speed you get. For example, if you are testing the speed of the internet but your wife is streaming the latest episode of House of Cards in 4k on Netflix, then it will definitely affect the speed you are seeing.
Remember that WiFi will also slow down your speed test as the signal may be poor or you may find that the WiFi network gets plenty of interference i.e. a simple thing like turning on your microwave can interfere with your wifi signal. Interference on your wifi signal and poor signal strength are the biggest contributors to slow / poor internet speeds.
While it is not always possible we suggest for the best experience to always use a CAT6 or CAT5e cable where possible.

Yes, you can upgrade your type of service at any time. Although Metrofibre and it's resellers do not charge any fee for the upgrade it is possible that some ISP's might charge for it. Please make sure that you understand their T's and C's. The higher rate for the upgraded service will be charged pro-rate from the day of the activation of the service.

Yes you can. Most reputable hosting services charge separately for hosting and e-mail services. Typically email hosting is around R50/month

Once the project is completed we aim to install and activate a service within 7 work days from the time that we receive your order. You will be contacted by a Metrofibre technician to arrange a suitable time. During the project we will keep you updated on the expected installation dates via the website and other communications.

If you have an ADSL modem with built in Wifi, then disable the DHCP on the modem, connect the LAN port of the modem to our router (ONT). This will then allow your devices to route out over our Fibre instead of the ADSL route. (An IP Address change may be required on your ADSL Modem)
If you have an WiFi system that does not form part of your ADSL modem, then just connect your existing WiFi AP’s to our ONT and it will operate as before.
Should you require a more powerful Wifi Solution to facilitate concurrent streaming to multiple devices such as Smart TV’s please feel free to give us a call so that we may assist you with a solution.

Absolutely yes! We are so confident that our price is competitive that we only offer month to month subscriptions with 1 calendar months notice for any cancellations.

First of all we don't believe in capping customers. Secondly it is a fact that traditional usage patterns will change dramatically in the near future as technology that requires data improves and expands. The demand for better quality and faster service will inevitably mean that not even 100's of Gigs will be enough to handle the demand. If you have a capped product you will be spending thousands on buying additional data every month.

Have a look at this extract from an article that was recently published.

"Streaming in 1080p on Netflix takes up 4.7GB/hour. So a regular one-hour episode of something debiting less than 5GB from your allotment is no big deal. However, with 4K, you've got quadruple the pixel count, so you're burning through 18.8GB/hour. Even if you're streaming with the new h.265 codec—which cuts the bit rate by about half, but still hasn't found its way into many consumer products—you're still looking at 7GB/hour. But you're not watching just one episode, are you? Of course not! You're binging on House of Cards, watching the whole series if not in one weekend then certainly in one month. That's 639 minutes of top-quality TV, which in 4K tallies up to 75GB if you're using the latest and greatest codec, and nearly 200GB if not. That means, best case scenario, a quarter of your cap—a third, if you're a U-Verse customer with a 250GB cap—spent on one television show. Throw in a normal month's internet usage, and you're toast."

Uncapped internet means that you never have to worry about your data being used up by downloads, updates and other things that consume your internet in the background. With our uncapped products you can download, stream, backup and have the peace of mind that you will only be charged one set fee per month with no nasty surprises.

To downgrade, we require that you fill in a formal order/downgrade form and send this to us.
All of our month-to-month contracts require one (1) calendar month's notice to facilitate a downgrade. During the notice period, you will continue to pay for, and receive your original service.

Unless otherwise specified, all our services are month-to-month with a one (1) calendar month cancellation term. It is possible that some of the ISP's will require that you sign longer contracts, please make sure that you read all the T's and C's carefully.

No, but unlike a router on an ADSL network, an ONT can only be used on the specific network where is was installed and configured. This means that it will not be of any use unless you move to a different home that is on our network. This is standard on all GPON networks with all other service providers.

Yes, once the construction project is completed in your estate, you can get connected whenever you are ready. If you have a termination box in your unit you can be connected within 24 hours as we only have to deliver your ONT (Router) and activate. If you do not have a termination box in your home it can take up to 7 days since we will have to install the fibre into your home before we can activate the service.

No, you are not required to pay anything until the installation is complete and the service is activated.

When you place an order with us it is captured on our side to ensure that you will be connected as soon as the network in your area is available. Once we are ready to activate your service we will contact you directly. If for whatever reason, you decide not to proceed, the order will be cancelled. However, once the service is activated and installed you will be required to give us one (1) calendar month's notice if you decide to cancel the service.

RocketNet is a division of Directel, a registered Internet Service Provider and licensed telecoms operator. Directel was founded in 2001 and has been providing enterprise solutions on a business-to-business basis ever since. RocketNet is purely focussed on the consumer experience.

Yes you can provided you give 30 days notice to your current provider. The network is open access which means any Metrofibre approved ISP (Internet Service Provider) can offer their services over the network. If you choose to change your ISP you can port your email address. Remember to check the T's an C's with your current provider before signing up for a new service. Have a look at the current and future ISP's here. http://www.kyalamiestatesfibre.co.za/approved-isp

The sales team will explain all the options with you and explain the differences to you.

Homeowners will enjoy a much richer overall Internet experience. Beyond the experience, homeowners can expect an increase in property value. This has been evident in the UK and US markets. You will also have the benefit of enhanced security services.

Yes. You are able to port your existing number onto our network. Our VoIP rates will save you 20% to 30% monthly, depending on call patterns.

This means that your upload and download speeds are the same. If you select a 10mbps service you will have 10mbps download speed and 10mbps upload speed. This is an extremely important factor to consider when choosing your service provider as not many are able to provide this service.

If you are not sure what to do, please contact our command centre on 0876 100 500 or support@rocketnet.co.za and a RocketNet Rocketeer agent will assist.

Traditional connectivity (such as ADSL) runs over a copper wire, which allows lightning strikes into your house, thereby damaging your equipment. Fibre comes into your home via thin glass strands, which inherently reduces the risk of lightning damage. However, if your house is struck by lightning then damage can occur through your power lines.

The fibre backbone will remain up during a power outage. However, we install an ONT device in your home that requires power. Therefore, if your home has no power then your service will not be active. UPS solutions are available to keep the CPE device operational for a period but such solutions only supply power to the ONT device for short periods when power is not available.

There are two options for this: Firstly, you are able to port your existing phone number to us, who will then provide you with a VoIP (Voice over IP) solution. Secondly, when you cancel your ADSL service with Telkom, you do not have to cancel the actual phone line. ADSL is a service applied over your phone line.

Shaped bandwidth is when certain browsing activities take priority over other activities and is dependent on how busy the network is. Unshaped bandwidth is when your internet experience is constant and will be fast no matter what the activity is.